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NHL 2016 Super Break Frozen Heirlooms Box

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- Frozen Heirlooms is an incredible release Spanning 80 Years of Hockey History
- Find: 1960's,1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's Autographed Semi-stars, Stars , Fan Favorites , Rookies and Hall of Famers falling 3 Per Box!
- These Autographed Buy Back Cards are all Authenticated by the following Sources: Super Products Inc., & the Major Third Party Authentication Sources

These Items WILL be falling multiple times per case on average:
A Super Surprise replaces a standard Buy Back Autograph Card.
- Game Used and Certified Hockey Jerseys
- The Bar 1/1 Cut Auto's
- Vintage Graded Hockey Greats Buy Back Cards
- Modern Super Stars Autographed, Memorabilia & Rookie Buy Back Cards
- Certified Autographed Jerseys, Photos, Magazines, Pucks, Photo Cuts and Team Signed Pieces

Find Top Scorers and Goalies from 2016 and the way back to the 1930's
Find players in the race for the Championship
Find the Greatest to players the game in buybacks and Certified Memorabilia
Redemption coupons will be placed inside boxes- We will ship free to the 50 United States and Canada.