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M 2023 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions North America Mass Blaster Box

M 2023 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions North America Mass Blaster Box


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8 Päckchen pro Box - 5 Karten per Päckchen


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The 150-card Base Set features a fresh design & some of the greatest athletes in the world. The set features 100 regular cards (1-100) and 50 Splash of Color SP cards (101-150).
Every box contains one bonus pack containing four North American Blaster Exclusive Turquoise parallels of the base set (1-100).

NEW! Young Guns® are here! One of Upper Deck’s most anticipated Rookie cards of the year will appear in Goodwin Champions® for the first time!

NEW! Glow-in-the-Dark Space Patches This is a five-tiered collection of embroidered glow-in-the dark manufactured patch cards commemorating space constellations and some of the coolest objects in the galaxy! Their beauty, artistry and rarity will make this unique 100-card set a welcome addition to any collection.

Be on the lookout for stunning Goodwin Platinum cards. Each Platinum card is printed using chromium technology! Look for gleaming Rainbow, Red, Blue, Green, as well as the North American Blaster Exclusive Neon Green parallel! More Retail Exclusive content! Collect the Goodwin All-World set featuring legends of sport from around the world. Keep an eye out for a wide variety of parallels including Orange (#’d to 99), Green (#’d to 25), Pink (#’d to 10) and Purple (#’d 1-of-1), as well as two (2) autograph parallels, highlighted by the 1-of-1 Auto Black parallel!

Look for a variety of hard-signed rookie and veteran cards including Goodwin Autographs, Goodwin Horizontal Variant Autographs and the iconic Goudey Autographs.

There is no shortage spectacular relic sets in this year’s edition including the 1923 United States Currency Relics, Birth Year Coinage, Museum Collection - Lady Luck Relics, and National Monuments Stamp Relics.

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